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I tune my inner radio to my truth station.

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

I know that my truth may not be other people's truth, and I am okay with that. I know that I must follow my inner guidance for the best results in my life.

I respect other people’s beliefs. I show respect to others. I also show respect to myself. I respect my beliefs.

I know that when I truly listen to my inner radio, I get the best guidance for me.

I ensure that my inner radio is broadcasting the loudest signal, over what is going on in the exterior world.

I refrain from listening to the static of exterior voices.

I stay strong and true to myself.

I tune up my antenna. I ensure that my signal is strong. I adhere to my beliefs that are for my highest good.

I listen to uplifting messages. I know that my inner station brings me the truth. I get clear guidance from my inner radio announcer.

I turn up the volume. I hear with clarity.

I am getting excellent guidance from within. I take my own advice.

Today, I hear the messages of truth from my inner radio clearly. I feel these truths resonate in my heart. I make solid decisions when I pay attention to my inner station of truth.

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