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I know that everything is going to be alright

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

I look forward to a great future. Even though I may face challenges now, I am sure that thing always turn out for the best.

I feel it in my bones. I know it within every cell of my body. I am grateful for that knowingness.

Each day, nature confirms to me in many ways that everything is going to be fine.

The birds sing confidently each morning. They tell me that I am safe, and this is going to be a great day for living life fully.

The stillness of the tall trees helps me to plant my roots firmly into the ground. I know that I am safe and secure.

When it rains, I feel the thunder crash through my cells and wake me up to live life fully now. I am grateful for the fresh air the rainstorms bring. I am grateful that the plants have been nourished, which then nourish me.

The sunrise teaches me consistency. I know I can count on the sun to shine each day. It always shines, even when clouds dim its brightness.

The moon teaches me about cycles. I do my best to learn from the moon, such as when to plant, when to be still, and when to shine.

I can count on the seasons to teach me many important things. I learn to be busy and enjoy my life in the summer. I learn to harvest in the fall. I learn to be quiet and go within during the winter. I learn to plant new seeds in the spring.

Today, I am grateful for all the seasons of my life. I know that everything is going to be alright.

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